Trend Review: Ripped Leggings

    What a damn mess this is. In case you were wondering, looking like you were actually attacked by an animal is not ok. Next up, an article in Vogue called "The Mauled Look!"

    Not edgy, not rocker, not punk, not goth- not cool. This is like saying to the world: I am trashy and I like it. And people? You can look trashy with that pair of cheap plastic 4 inch heels you keep around for Halloween/raves/weird music festivals, and (bonus!) you won't even look like the cat got you before you left the house.

    I saw a dude- yes, you read that right-wearing these today with black short shorts and an over sized purple tee shirt tucked into the whole mess. I think he was trying to channel the 80s and while I admire his chutzpah in allowing the entire freaking world to see his full-fledged identity crisis, there are some things we can just leave for our shrinks, no?

    If you have the urge to take scissors to your clothes, cut your old jeans into shorts and call it a day. If you are feeling crafty, sew some ribbons/buttons/sequins onto a simple black top to turn it into something unique. This is beyond ridiculous. And if you happen to find yourself being swayed by a magazine telling you this is the Next! Big! Thing!, remember, that's what trendy fads are about. They are fleeting and usually a little weird. I'm not saying you shouldn't experiment and wear what you love. But use just a little common sense and you will really glad that you didn't let clever marketers tell you that ripped leggings are anything but disgusting.

    Wearing these is the equivalent of tattooing Trend Slave to your forehead. Trust me.

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Trend Review: Ripped Leggings

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