Choosing Fashionable Knee High Boots

    When you are choosing knee high boots your height and calf size will have a big bearing on your choices. The reality is that not everyone can wear the same type of boots, just like shoes different styles and colors suit different people. You will have to find the style that looks best with your figure and fits in with most of your wardrobe.

    Some rules apply for every woman. Black shoes, boots or even as a cocktail dress works very well for all women, black leather is the best choice when buying boots unless you have issues like irritations or allergies to leather. Your black knee high boots will blend in with most colors and styles that you have in your wardrobe. If you are thinking of buying just one pair of boots, then black knee high boots should be your first choice.

    Once you have decided to buy a pair of boots the next thing that's very important is to make sure you are buying the right ones for the shape of your legs. Buying the right size and style will ensure that you are able to walk comfortably and dance (if thats what you are doing) . Not everyone can walk around in knee high stiletto boots, so if you know you will be uncomfortable in them don't buy them.

    There is nothing worse than buying clothes, shoes or boots that are not comfortable enough to wear when you want to. There is no point spending all that money just to have the items sitting in your wardrobe unworn and unloved. So if stiletto heels are not for you You should go for round toed boots with lower heels or any thing in between as long as you are comfortable with it.

    Buying knee high boots that will compliment your legs is vital, this means women with bigger calves should go for styles that clinch your legs. Loose boots will tend to make your legs appear bigger. You can go for stretch boots or lace-up styles.

    For thin legged women, a bulkier material and loose knee high boots should do the trick. A pair of slouch boots is always a good choice as they will make your legs look full.

    Choosing what heel size to go for is the next thing you should tackle. For the taller women, this is not much of an issue. They are lucky and can pull off about any sort of heels.
    If you are, however, not lucky enough to have long legs, a larger heel is needed. Large heels tend to make your legs appear longer. You should really avoid flat heels if you have short legs.

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Choosing Fashionable Knee High Boots

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