Your Closet Profile: Sandals

    I have a lot of opinions about sandals. Most of them are just disgusting, too many people who desperately need pedicures wear them, and a huge number of them are over-priced. Let's review some basics and I will share with you my personal picks for sandals this summer.

    1) GET A DAMN PEDICURE. And maintain it. Period.

    2) Flip flops and sandals are not the same thing. Flip flops are rubber or plastic and are appropriate for the pool, gym shower, and beach. Consequently, they are worth $15, TOPS.

    Sleek leather thongs are not flip flops, and could be worn with shorts, skirts, or sun dresses. Try something modern:

    3) I heart platforms. If you are adverse to heels, I recommend trying some platform sandals. I generally advise against anything too delicate, as a platform needs some weight to look balanced on the foot. If you are concerned about the shoe being too chunky, try something neutral, to play down the chunky effect. These are pretty fun:

    4) Just a little embellishment is enough. Excessive fringe is weird and too much beading feels Old Woman At The Resort-y. These are cute:

    5) A little color will do you good. And wedges are your friend- you get height and some stability. Woo hoo. Consider something like these (don't worry, there are a lot of options with lower heels out there):

    6) Avoid platform flip flops at all costs. I shouldn't even have to say this, but I do. They are juvenile and ugly and you can get comfy shoes with some height without advertsing your unwillingness to admit that you are over 16.

    7) Summer is a chance to try out the latest or most interesting trends. So remember that sandals are not investment items. Investments pieces are trend-proof (or relatively so) and wearable for many seasons for several years. But sandals are made for 1-2 seasons (spring and summer, in case you didn't know) and if you spend a reasonable amount of money on a couple pairs this season, you get to move on to next spring and summer and experiment again with the newest trends, guilt-free.

    So, here's what I'm working with right now:

    First, I just got the Camper Bianca heels pictured at the top of the post. They are sleek enough and covered up enough for work, but the rubber heel and orange accent are fun enough for wearing on the weekend with a sun dress.

    As a flat(ter) option, I also got these Indigo by Clarks sandals (above) to wear with shorts or skirts on the weekend and to walk around while traveling this summer and fall.

    For something a little nicer, I also have these Kenneth Cole sandals for sun dresses and summer evenings:

    You may notice that almost all of my selections aren't backless. Backless sandals not only tend to make a vulgar slapping noise as you walk, they also lack support and can look dated. Use with caution.

    Happy Summer!

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Your Closet Profile: Sandals

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