Review of Commando Tights

    A.K.A Tights From Heaven.

    The quest to find tights that are truly opaque (not a hint of sheerness!) and truly matte (not even a bit of shine!) has been a long one. 

    I have conducted much research in this area, both by trying many pairs and by reading up on what others like best.  Many crowd favorites have fallen short: DKNY, while usually comfortable and fairly matte, often have a waist band that digs in and aren't truly opaque; Wolford tights might be the cat's meow, but they are also $60+ and some are wool; Banana Republic doesn't fit me well, nor do Merona tights from Target.

    Thanks to my faithful reading of Lucky Magazine, I discovered Commando Opaque Matte Tights

    They are truly matte, truly opaque, and best of all, there is no waist band to dig into my skin.  They sit very high on the waist and the stretchy swathe of material that rests on my stomach and hips doesn't dig in- it just...holds them up.  So they are seamless and comfortable and stylish and warm.  And they are $34, which I agree is hefty, but so worth it.  My price per wear on these babies will be miniscule by the time Spring rolls back around. 

    I love them so much, I bought 6 pairs: 2 black, 2 brown, 1 purple, and 1 red and black stripe. 

    What are YOUR favorite tights?

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Review of Commando Tights

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