Some 2011 Style Resolutions

    Instead of a 2010 round up (been there, read that), I am listing a few style resolutions that are either my own or those I think a few others in the world (and by "few," I mean "most") might consider adopting...

    1. I will not wear I Give Up Clothes every damn day. 

    You know who you are.

    People have eyes, including those who live with you.  So even though it's casual day at the Jones/Smith/Heinz residence, you can still wear clothes that fit, are clean, and don't makes your arse look like an elephant's.

    2. I will participate in Frocking Fridays.

    That means you wear a dress every Friday.  I am participating in this, because I love wearing dresses, being part of a fun group, and bringing my style A-game on the day most people are sliding by in jeans or their rattiest pair of office appropriate pants. 

    This group can be found on Facebook.  It's called Frocking Fridays, in case you are slow.

    3. I will be selective about the trends I participate in. 

    Vogue, Piperlime, et al. maybe telling you clogs are the best thing since Jello pudding pops (seriously, I miss those), but they are all kinds of fugly.  Why the hell would you want fugly on your feet?  Or anywhere, for that matter?

    I'm all for trying new things.  Let's just all be a little more rational this year, ok?

    And Piperlime?  If Wax Leggings are the best you can come up with from 2010, what a crap year it was indeed.

    4. I will not buy multiples.

    I am guilty of this.  I see something I love and I buy it.  In every color. 

    That's one of the best ways to have a boring as hell wardrobe.  A uniform is one thing; a replica of your outfit, every damn day, is entirely another.

    Note: this does not apply to under garments.  If you find a bra/thong/granny panties that work, you buy as much of it/them as you can afford.

    5. I will clean out my closet at least twice this year.

    This means actually removing what doesn't fit, is stained/damages beyond repair, and worn out and GETTING RID OF IT.

    A trip to Goodwill will not kill you. Nor will some space for the clothes you do wear, as well as, perhaps, some new ones.

    6. I will accessorize. 

    This is how others know you care- about yourself, about the impression you make, about your personal style. 

    We put on clothes because we have to, but we put on earrings, scarves, and cocktail rings because it's fun, can reflect who we are, and makes an impression on others.

    7.  I will try one new thing.

    This is the flip side to number 3.  If you never try new things, do it.  The worst thing that happens is you have to put it back on the rack/shelf or return it.  You might find something that works really well.  Or you might not.  But the best way to revive your look is to add something fresh.  And fresh often means new and different.

    8.  I will dress for the size that I am, not the size I want to be or used to be.

    I see this all the damn time.

    Lost weight?  Stop wearing your over-sized clothing.  RIGHT NOW.

    Gained weight?  Put down those too-tight jeans.  RIGHT NOW.

    In the process of losing?  Awesome.  Killer.  Wonderful. You still have to dress yourself daily in clothes that fit and flatter.  I know you don't want to buy any new clothes until you hit your goal.  That's what Old Navy is for.  Don't invest in a Burberry trench if you are certain you are going to lose 50 pounds.  But you also can't slink around in over-sized pants for several months.  So buy some clothes in your transitional sizes- and wear clothes every day that flatter your changing figure.

    9.  I will shop around.

    Retailers should not get one more cent from you than you have to give them for something.  The clothing industry is in no position to whine, because they've been charging inflated prices for decreasing quality for years. 

    So check more than one site or store, check for coupon codes, look for something similar for less.  I don't recommend going bargain basement on every purchase, but there are times when the EXACT SAME ITEM is less elsewhere.  Don't be a sucker.

    10.  I will buy it locally.

    I have no soapbox speech prepared in support of buying local.  But I will say that if something can be purchased in your community for the same price and service as elsewhere, why not support your area businesses?

    This doesn't take as much time or effort as you might think.  There's an adorable boutique in my neighborhood.  I know which brands they carry and I know their (pretty strict) return policy.  If I want to buy something they will likely carry, I will buy it there- as long as I know I won't have to return it. Otherwise, I am going to hit Nordstrom, where I once returned a 3 year old (unworn! with tags still on!) suit and they didn't bat an eye.

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Some 2011 Style Resolutions

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